Polie: So, what do we say?

We have known Wic fow a large pawt of the jouwney to date and I am suwe he has appweciated our input and wisdom. We awe sage creatures indeed. Fow my pawt I seek all that is good and white in the wowld. The beautiful and pwofound. The spiwit of the jouwney. And Chwis…

Chris: I am along for the fun and am gifted in so much as I can say the things others struggle with. There is so much that needs saying that people shy away from. No sense in holding back. If ‘screw you’ needs saying then I’m the one to say it. If boundaries need pushing, that’s me. And if Polie struggles with his ‘R’s’, I’m there to help. Isn’t that so Polie?

That’s wight Chwis. And I’ll keep you fwom getting into too much twouble, I hope, fow Wic’s sake.


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