Lions and Mooses Don’t Mix.

C/ I love a bit of Van Morrison, Polie. I do love music.

P/ Yes, it puts colour into life. I like hangin with Wic because he always is surrounded with music. And I do like to wead C.S.Lewis, Chwis.

What’s your favouwite Van Morrison song then Chwis?

C/ Jump.

P/ Errr, Chwis, I think that’s Van Halen?

C/ You sure Polie? Well my second favourite song is Moon Dance.

P/ Yes, I can see that. I like that one too.

Anyway, Wic’s started to move out on the journey. He’s kicked off with with a Van Morwison song which gets a tick. Bit of a statement of independence don’t you think Chwis?

Riding our Bikes

C/ We’ll that’s us Polie. Free spirits just shooting the breeze. Laid back and chilled. Riding the bike with not a care in the world. Bring on those warmer days when Wic can ride with us all day.

P/ Chwis there isn’t anyone more laid back then you. You almost go through life horizontal!

Anyway, the blog all appears a bit deep. We must encouwage him to wite about some of the other stuff he’s doing. The whiding, the weeding, the cooking and the gweat places we’ve been dwinking coffee.

C/ And beer Polie, and beer. Last night we had Adnams and Sharpes and…

P/ Chwis, this is all vewy exciting but there’s more to life than beer!

The exiting thing is that there is more to life and the journey is about expewencing it. Think, some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.

In his book The Last Battle, which Wic quotes from in the blog, C S Lewis finishes by saying evewy thing that had bwought the childwen to this point was only like the intwoduction to a gweat book and only now was the weal adventure beginning. Chwis, life kicks!

C/ I’m just a simple moose who needs a lay down. All this excitement is so exhausting.

P/ CHWIS, it hasn’t even started yet! Imagine meeting the mighty Aslam from Narnia.

C/ He’s a lion, Polie! Lions and mooses don’t mix!

P/ But Chwis, he’s not like that. He is all that is good and only does good. You’ll be alwight. In fact you’ll be better than alwight.

C/ Are you sure Polie?

P/ Chwis, this is a wonderful adventure. You have to come along. There’ll be widing and other good things. Even beer. I’d not be a good friend if I let you stay behind.

C/ Beer, are you sure? Now we’re talking.

1 thought on “Lions and Mooses Don’t Mix.

  1. Fabulous !!! Illustrations are beautiful !! I’m really going to enjoy these characters and their journeys , friendship and adventures !!!


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