Getting on our bikes


Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle



W/ Usually when we visit a new city the first thing we do is find the tour bus and buy a day pass.

P/ No Wic, the first thing we do is find the hot coffee shops and prepare to face the day.

C/ Or find the cool beers and sample.

W/ Ok guys I’ll start again. The third thing we do when we visit a new city is find the tour bus. But in Vancouver we did things a little differently. We found Darren at Vancouver Bike Adventures and booked in for a morning tour around the city. Obviously a morning isn’t enough to get all round but you can get a good idea of some of the main areas worth revisiting. So off we went to meet Darren at 818 Bute Street.

P/ Fortunately Da’wen had prepared for Chwis with his short legs and fitted a guest seat to the front of Wic’s cycle.

C/ Well put Polie. A guest seat, not to be confused with a child seat for little dudes.

P/ Chwis you are a little dude!

W/ Anyway, at 9am we set off around the city following cycle friendly routes towards Stanley Park where we rode along side the water taking in views of the city on the other side. Even early in the morning the city was humming with numerous cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and people out just enjoying the morning.

We cycled as a group of 12 around the edge of the park until we arrived at a site where there was a number of totem poles. I had always thought that totem poles were an object for the worship practice of indigenous peoples. Not so. The term totem originates from a word meaning “kinship group” and as such the figures carved into the poles represent cultural beliefs, history, legends and myths related to the group creating the pole and remembering ancestors.

P/ On, deeper into the park which took on the disguise of a forwest and more of the overly large twees. Again we were awed by nature and Da’wen description of the network formed by the woots as they weach out and touch each other allowing the twees to communicate with each other.

C/ Then on through the park to the beach at English Bay where the locals come on hot days to dip in the ocean. Bit cool for my liking though. More up your street Polie.

W/ From here we left the park but still followed the water front until we reached the Granville Bridge where we took a pedestrian ferry across to the iconic Granville Island. There was a jazz festival taking place in the City and music drifted across the water as we approached which for music lovers like us was a very welcoming invitation.

P/ The Island, once an industwial awea has evolved into a centre for arts, entertainment and shopping with a collection of stores you wouldn’t find on the High Stweet. There are theatres and theatre companies here.

C/ And music performed in the open air. Indigenous arts and local Vancouver artists with studios. A number of restaurants and most important, the Granville Island Brewery. Well worth a visit.

P/ Twust you to notice that one.

C/ Height of our cultural experience!

W/ The one downer on visit to the island is the number of people you will be sharing the experience with. Going through the covered market was not a good feeling as at times we had to wait for space to move.

From here we headed along the opposite side of the water to the one we had been previously on, through the Charleson Park and on towards Creekside Park, stopping midway to watch the Dragon Boat racing that was taking place. Numerous teams had come from all over to compete and whilst some were obviously there for fun there was a highly competitive edge for most. Great fun to watch.

P/ Through Creekside Park where more jazz was being played and passed that sculpture that was so weminiscent of Chris’ parking.

C/ There’s nothing wrong with my driving! You’re walking home next time.

W/ Finally stopping at Dr. Sun-Yat Sen’s Chinese Garden. A gift to the city from the Chinese Goverment and bordering the China Town district of the city.

C/ Then, once we had taken in the Gardens we cycled on into Gas Town, the first core of the City.

P/ Yes, an eclectic mix of shops and westaurants. Something for all tastes and the fascinating Steam Clock that, as it’s name suggests is steam powered and sounds evewy 15 minutes.

W/ An area I’m sure we will revisit before we end our trip.

Then back to where we started to finish a very enjoyable morning.

C/ Yeah, big thanks to our new friend Darren. Lunch time had come and obviously time for a brew. Come on guys.



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