Day 5

P/ Where’s Wic, Chwis?

C/ He’s gone to the shops as supplies were running low.

P/ Yes, I was worwying about the coffee which was getting weally low.

C/ It’s not the coffee, Polie. It’s the important stuff like the beer!

P/ Is that important, Chwis? Wic is risking the virus for beer?

C/ Apparently it’s for coffee, Polie!

P/ We should be thankful he’s gone to get supplies, Chwis.

C/ Yes, but I’m worried, Polie. Suppose he comes into contact with someone with the virus. He could bring it home.

P/ That is a wisk, Chwis. What should we do?

C/ I have an idea, Polie. I found some bin bags under the sink. And some washing up gloves. And come and look at the neighbours washing line, I see two masks.

P/ Chwis, that’s the ladies bra?

C/ Not any more, Polie. It’s two masks.

P/ Chwis, come back. We’ll be in so much twouble.

2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Love it. At least you can buy beer 😉


    1. Some things in life are non-negotiable

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