Day 11

W/ Keep up, Chris.

P/ Yes, we need to stay close so as to keep our social distance fwom others, Chwis.

C/ How far do I need to be, Polie?

P/ Two metres, Chwis. That’s slightly more than one Wic laid on the gwound.

C/ Wic, will you lay down a moment so I can get an idea?

W/ Behave yourself, Chris.

P/ Wic, we’re coming to a tight bend in the path and look, two people are coming towards us.

C/ Don’t worry, Polie, I’ve got this.

Attchoooo…..oh, Wic, I’m going to sneeze again…Attchoooo.

P/ Chwis you did that on purpose. Look the people have turned around and gone the other way.

C/ Just ensuring social distancing guys.

W/ You don’t need to look so please with yourself!

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