SeasonsThere are seasons of life and the commencement of this blog marks such a time. Many things have happened in quick succession and it seems this is a significant time of change for me. A new vocation, a new place to live, the death of a close relative, a new year and the chance to pursue some long term goals and maybe more.

The so called Law of Rhythm says life will always ebb and flow, peace being found when we learn to move with the rhythm. Another law says, “what we resist persists”. So we are beginning this year in a relaxed fashion accepting all that is going on.

Every change brings opportunity. Not always easy to see and sometimes not what we would expect, but there will always be opportunity. Sometimes to be patient is all we can do. The opportunity may not be out there waiting for us to recognise it, it may be within. Just return to the line from the Waterboys’ that we used above. It could be time to deal with issues, beliefs, emotions, things we carry on through life that prevent us being the best version of the person we have potential to be right now. It may be time to begin a spiritual experience, to realise that we are all spiritual beings currently having a physical experience. That it is how we engage with and allow our spirits to play in our lives that brings meaning and value. What would the new season look like if we were to grasp this.

So what of this new season? What will it bring? What potential is there in this moment and how can it be realised?

The new season will roll on and unfold itself. It would be foolishness to resist it. Maybe we are gifted when we realise that resistance can be the worst thing we can do. Yes there are times when the journey is up hill and requires more effort and persistence and there is a time when the journey is over. Wisdom lays in separating one from the other and having the courage to persist when the journey has not finished but is up hill. Who knows what lays on the other side of the hill?

However, if you know the new season is here, move on. We have all seen people continue to invest time, money and effort into something that has patently finished. Why? Well sometimes because there is a fear of what comes after, sometimes because the journey has brought security and familiarity which we do not want to give up. But do we trade life for existence when we refuse to move on, when we are unable to find courage within clinging rather to the small comfort that the familiar offers? The dead end job, the exhausted relationship, the failed dream?

That said we would do well to recognise that some endings need to be dealt with gently and wisely, with patience in order that the possible pain is kept to a minimum. We should always remember the good of others and address our responsibilities if we are to find peace going forward.

And now I look to the season ahead with expectation and hope. Remember, there’s always coffee and wine.

Big luv Wic


2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I have a question for Six. I really agree with what you are saying but I have a big problem. I am allergic to hills so never step foot on one. I certainly can’t climb up or down one. Can you help ???


    1. Liz, I may call you Liz? You can call me Chris. I so understand your dilemma. There are sensitive souls like you and I in the world who are not into all this rough, tough, strenuous stuff. It’s also wearing. For those like us, an arm chair by the fire with a good TV show is all we ask (Polie says a book but even that seems to taxing). I feel we are at the beginning of a beautiful relationship – Chris


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