Do it all Over Again

So, first twip and we’ve been on the Austwian slopes all day. Well one of us has, and Wic. Where have you been today Chwis?

At the top of the mountain Polie, finding my inner piste!

Vewy funny Chwis!

I love the slopes. The clean cwisp air, the cwystal clear blue sky, the many shades of blue thwoughout the day. Everything so shawp and clean and weal, then the silence that provokes you to think and listen and think again. Senses bwought to attention. I love the snow that comes down in large flakes and cweates a feeling of solitude, like you’re the only one in a whole world of white. I close my eyes and no one would ever find me! So I wear my wed scawf and hat.

Polie Snow Storm
Polie in a snow storm. Good job for the hat and scawf!

Where else do you get silence like this? The desert perhaps, but this is a white desert with peak after peak capped white and the landscape only bwoken by the trees which are themselves clothed white. And silence that woles on, dwawing me in.

At the top of the mountain is the westauwant that serves the stuwdel with vanilla sauce and thick hot chocolate that finishes off lunch nicely.

That was chocolate with rum wasn’t it Polie? Or was it rum with chocolate you meant?

Then we mustn’t forget the Weiss beer in the large glass followed by more chocolate and rum right?

Chwis, we’re here to enjoy the slopes!

Exactly Polie!

And of course there’s the boarding. The feel of the fwesh powder below and the cold air that whips at the face. The thwill of speed, the turns, the spway of snow, a jump, air and landing cleanly. Then more speed. And down…and back up to do it all over again. Come on Chwis.

Where’s Chwis?

Why would anyone want to go out in weather like this? That bear needs therapy!


2 thoughts on “Do it all Over Again

  1. Love your moves Wic


  2. It all sounds lovely and WIC is doing a lovely bit of boarding but I have to say I’m with Chwis on this one !!!


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