Such a Powerful Metaphor…

C/ Didn’t we enjoy the snowboarding Polie? Wic went wild?

P/ Oh yes Chwis. I love the snow.

C/ Me too Polie.

P/ But Chwis you spent most of your time in fwunt of the fire dwinking beer!


C/ That’s why I love the snow Polie.

P/ Hmmm.

C/ Anyway Polie, have you read Wic’s latest blog? I worry about him. He’s such a restless soul, so unlike me.


P/ Yes Chwis. He needs the help of his friends.

C/ Wic’s right you know Polie. How can anything be understood without experience? Imagine having a beer and only being able to look at it. Uhhh!

P/ Chwis, evwey thing is about beer for you!

C/ One of life’s great metaphors Polie.

Thinking Beer.jpg

P/ Chwis your impossible. Beer won’t help Wic!

C/ I am sure it will Polie.

Drinking Beer

P/ We need to help Wic find peace in that meaningful way he is seeking.

Chwis so much wisdom says God is found in silence. Native Americans say: “Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart it knows”. Wemember we spoke of the silence when we were snowboarding? How big it was. How it was like entering another world. How it spoke in a different way?

We must help Wic find that place where he can hear.

C/ Polie, sometimes I wonder how you can have so much wisdom. Your full of good ideas.

P/ Thanks Chwis, so what shall we do?

meditate skydive

C/ Teach Wic to skydive.

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