The Plan

Wic's Plan

C/ Polie look what I’ve found on Wic’s desk.

P/ Chwis, you know you shouldn’t take things from Wic’s desk. We’ll be in such twouble!

C/ Don’t worry about that Polie, I have our plans for the rest of the year. It’s the journey.

P/ The journey?

C/ Yes, this is what life will be looking like for us. Now, let’s see. Hmmm. Not sure about this. It starts with discipline.

P/ Discipline Chwis?

C/ My thoughts exactly Polie. Getting up early. I don’t think so. I’ll cross that out.

I stole Wic's Plan

P/ Chwis, you can’t just cwoss things out. This is Wic’s plan that he’s been working on.

C/ Look there’s cooking. Liking that Polie. Man after my own heart.

P/ But Chwis you only do eating.

C/ Polie, stop being picky. Let’s draw a fish here so Wic get’s focused. Pass me the crayons.

P/ And some fish fingers Chwis. We do like fish fingers.


C/ One for you here Polie, fitness. Perhaps you could take Wic with you for your daily swim in the lake. That would deal with his need to get up early. And Polie….

P/ Yes Chwis?

C/ Don’t wake me.


P/ Oh look Chwis, we’re going to get to go motorcycling. We’ll enjoy that. I think we’ll need leather jackets with our gang name on the back.

C/ Yes, The Mad Mooses. Good thinking Polie, I’ll draw a jacket right here.


C/ Now right alongside that we have travel. Norway, Spain, that rocks Polie, nice and warm. Peru, very nice and walking up Kilimanjaro. Walking? No, no, no.

P/ But it will be fun Chwis.

C/ Polie, walking up hills is not fun. I’m crossing that one out.

Climbing Mountain

P/ Oh dear Chwis, Wic will not be happy. How about weading and writing. We can enjoy that? I enjoy a good book. Don’t you Chwis?

C/ God wouldn’t have given us SKY if he had wanted us to read Polie. But I’ll leave it in for you. How’s that Polie?

We love crime!

P/ And our favourite Chwis, spirituality. That’s part of the journey Chwis, you know: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”’ and all that?

Wic will need us for that. Our guidance will be essential.

C/ Oh yes Polie. Now I’ve revealed what God looks like our help will prove pivotal.


C/ But there’s one thing missing. I’ll write it in here. Tasting beers of the world. Wic will never know he didn’t think it up.

P/ Great Chwis, go and put it back on the desk and he’ll never know.

Amended Plan

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