Flip the Hoof.

How to flip the hoof

Chwis has a particular approach to life. He is, what many would call a fwee spiwit. If a thing, be it a person or situation does not suit him he will Flip the Hoof. Which is his way of saying: “Scwew You”. It does allow him to expel a lot of stwess from his life, enabling him to become the laid back, care fwee individual we have all come to love.

Scwew You twaffic jam!

Scwew You wude pewson!

Scwew You wules!

But wecently Wic and I have had to sit Chwis down and discuss his unique philosophical appwoach to life with him.

W/ Chris, you can’t go through life “Screw You’ing” anything and everything that doesn’t agree with you.

“You’ing”, is that even a word Polie?

P/ It is now Wic.

C/ I can go through life like this Wic. Look, Screw You Wic.

W/ Ok, you can, but you must be prepared for the consequences.

C/ Consequences?

P/ Yes Chwis, evewy action has an equal and opposite weaction.

C/ What?

P/ If you do something it will cause other things to happen.

W/ Yes and you need to think about what you may be starting when you Flip the Hoof!

C/ Why?

P/ Because one day you’ll get yourself into twouble you don’t want.

W/ Yes, Flipping the Hoof is great most of the time, even funny but, once in a while you need to step back and think.

C/ I don’t understand Wic.

P/ Wic and I will draw a picture to help you Chwis. I know you like pictures.

And so with Chwis pondering the etiquette of Hoof Flipping we’ll leave you with our own friendly flip. Screw You all until next time.

Should I flip the hoofDon't flip the hoof to

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