We went to Norway

P/ We went to Norway and the fun started at the airport. Chwis loves the wules wight up till he doesn’t as you will see.


He’s still in a huff over the fact they confiscated his hawpoon. Honestly, I didn’t think they were going to let us on the plane. But they did (after emptying Chwis’ suitcase) and it was awesome!

Here’s Wic’s photo album of where we went.

Meeting a Troll

P/ We flew into Bergen. It was lovely and cold with snow on the hills that surround the city on three sides. There was ice on the water. It was cwisp and clear. Perfect weather for exploring. It’s what the journey is about Chwis.

C/ Remind me why the journey hasn’t taken us along sun kissed beaches Polie?

P/ So in Bergen we went Airbnb, 5 minutes walk fwom the centre and off we went each day. The high point was going to see Tertnes Play Larvik at handball, a sport we don’t get at home. We’ve waited a long time to see Larvik play live. It’s even more exciting than on the TV!


But before we did that we were out and about. Nothing Chwis likes more than a….

C/…cosy bar and a glass of craft ale and Norway has plenty. There are some pleasures to travel. But £10 a pint! Really Polie? The missionaries obviously haven’t reached here yet.

P/ But before we did that Chwis we toured the town which is very picturesque, wode the funicular up the hills where there was snow and cwoss countwee skiers. And there we met the twolls. Such jolly fellows. Then walked down in the snow. Bergen is the gateway to the fjords. So I took you on a twip up the fjords. Quite something Chwis.

C/ Cold as a polar bears bum Polie, that’s what I remember.

P/ Chwis!

Fjord Cruise

C/ Then back to that bar for craft ale and dinner.

P/ Yes, I had weindeer with lingonbewees.

C/ Cannibals, everyone of them Polie. I was so worried I nearly didn’t go in. I was glad when we boarded the train to Oslo.

P/ A bar and you nearly didn’t go in Chwis!

C/ Nearly Polie. I took a deep breath and embraced the journey.


And so to Oslo.

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