6 months

It’s always good to stop and take stock of life. Just to be still and consider what’s happened and where we are. In my case how have the past 6 months gone, the 6 months since we started blogging, the 6 months since the journey began? Well, in, terms of geography we’ve moved around a bit having visited Austria, Norway, Spain and Italy (and don’t forget the Isle of Man). The boys have put together a slideshow of photos below to share their experiences.

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We’ve eaten some great food, drunk good and bad coffee (why is it so hard to make good coffee?) and, yes Chris, drunk some great beers.

But returning to our starting point where the restless soul originally found expression through Bono’s word:

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Have I found what I’m looking for? Indeed, do I know what I’m looking for?

I think that over the last 2 blogs I may have begun to glimpse what it is I’m seeking. During the examination of the dream boards we began to think beyond our immediate desires and the things that we believe will improve our world right here, right now. Our end goals proved to not actually be the ends we thought they would be. In my case each picture I would have placed on my dream board was actually a manifestation of the real end goal that I seek. I just didn’t realise. Walking on deserted beaches, silence, sitting in beautiful gardens, all these are my way of expressing the peace that I seek. And I had become fixated on the things that represented the end goal rather than the goal itself. The goal is peace with God or the universe, the ultimate end beyond which I cannot improve.

God is just a name to refer to something that is beyond limitations.


So what do I understand by this peace? Well, I am open to ideas if you have any, but I see this as far more than people usually invested in the term when speaking of a peaceful day or the feeling that we might get when we listen to a piece of music that is peaceful. Or even when two opposing forces cease aggression. Rather, it’s about a stillness in one’s soul or spirit. It’s about abandoning worries and concern and instead, resting in the absolute knowledge that everything is as it should be. It’s about silence within, deep utter silence and being fluent in it. It’s about when you touch God and realise that She is pure consciousness, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and your consciousness is now, finally, part of this. Not that you were ever apart from this, but now you have remembered and begun afresh the relationship.

This is where the journey will end, however long it will take, if I remain true to the light I now have.

So we know what we are looking for, but not sure how to find it. However, there are plenty of resources that exist and if anyone reading this has a suggestion please leave a comment.

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