Are you dreaming the right dream?

So Chris and Polie have talked about their dream boards. In summary a dream board is a series of picture that are representations of things we aspire to. That super car, that holiday, a lottery win and on. The idea is, that by representing it we focus on it and bring it into being. I have done it with some success coming to own the car I placed on the board and eventually building the house that I dreamed of. Neither were instantly manifest and the house took some years but I got there. But, if these are our dreams then we would not expect them to be obtainable in this moment (or is that lack of faith on my part? There’s a thought).

If I was able to grant you a dream fulfilled what would you ask me for? Next weeks lottery win? A new home? Or would you pass these by to live out the rest of your life at peace with God or Source and yourself?

I am sure we have all sat and thought: “If only I had that, then life would be complete. I’d be truly happy”. And then maybe it has arrived and allowed us to be happy for a period but then the desire for something else has entered our life and we have begun to feel the grass is greener over the way.

As I told you, I built the dream house, and five years later I sold it to everyone’s surprise, and moved on. For a while it had made me happy but then I began to take it for granted and started to look elsewhere for contentment. And here’s the message. Those things I have placed on my dream board are not actually what I want and I have allowed myself to be deceived into thinking they are. We are confusing the possession of things, experiences, relationship with contentment and peace.

Ego says: When everything falls into place I will have peace.

Spirit says: Find peace and then everything will fall into place.

Marianne Williamson

OK, so what would you have asked for if I had granted you that wish? Picture it. Now ask yourself: “What would this do for me?” Maybe it would bring you security, or you would feel fulfilled, or happy, whatever. The point is, you want that thing so that it produces some sense of well being in your life and most of us think that we need to possess things or people to achieve this feeling. But as I have said, things only seem to give a limited experience of peace or fulfilment.

Maybe seeking the possession of things or people or experiences is not the best way forward? May I suggest that rather we define what the thing would do for us, and place that on our dream board. Maybe it would bring us joy? So we write joy on our board. It would bring us security? Then place security there.

Now focus on these. You may need to make a pictorial representation to help you but if you do, try and have several differing pictures so you don’t become focused on a single one.

Now dream of living in joy or peace etc., and accept that you may not receive it in the way you had expected. Maybe there is no lottery win to bring you security but you have put your dreams out there before God or Source, out into a place of total love, and unlimited resource so anything is possible. Often the only limitation is the one we set and that maybe that there is a single solution to our desires. Thoughts that joy can only come this one way leading to a single focus may cause us to miss the fulfilment of our dream when it arrives. There’s a power that knows better and is for you if you will but let it be.


Dreamer, never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams we plant the seeds of our future.


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