Why can’t we live together?

Tell me why, tell me why,

Why can’t we live together?

Everybody wants to live together,

Why can’t we be together,

No more wars, no more wars, no more wars,

Just a little peace

Timmy Thomas

Words of acceptance that many will agree with but the world seems no closer to this than it ever was.

P/ Yes Wic, we had awived in Cusco which Chris has dubbed Inca Central, pwobably the most important city in the Inca empire. Wemains abound but so many have been lost to the power that bwought the age of the Incas to an end. In the the mid 1500’s the Spanish awived in search of a fabled Inca City of Gold. With them came theiw missionawies and pweists who, encountering another weligion sought to destroy it. Twy as I do, I can’t understand the Spanish who when encountewing another weligion that sought to understand and please God did not try to understand that weligion. Wic, I find people so hard to understand.

W/ Yes, Polie, I think it’s hard to understand why people behave as they do. We saw so much that was great why would someone want to destroy it. More so, what right does anyone have to tell another that their idea of God is wrong? The Spanish priests, unable to understand how the Inca architecture was achieved, with its precision joints and angles, declared it demonic and pulled much of it down. Then built over ornate churches in their place.

Spanish Style Church

C/ Yes, those buildings were rather ugly. Not something I would have designed. I am sure I could have designed like an Inca.

P/ Yes Chwis, they were so simple.

C/ Polie…

W/ It’s alright Chris, didn’t Leonardo Di Vinci say: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”?

C/  Ah, so Polie was just recognising the sophistication of the moose.

W/ Something like that. Anyway, why did the Spanish destroy something because they did not understand it? Cusco gave us another life lesson. History is full of the destruction of things that people did not understand. I wonder how advanced we would be if the learning of so many lost cultures had been pass on and taken up. Take the Romans who built cities with sanitation and baths. Whose building were of stone with tiled roofs and heating. Yet 500 years after they had gone so had their advances and their buildings were lost. If one culture could embrace the learning of another how different history would be today. If we didn’t rail against the things we don’t understand how much sooner would advance come.

P/ And the persecution of misunderstood people. And if I understand histowy so often it is the weligious who are at the forefront.

C/ But don’t they love others Polie?

P/ I don’t know Chwis. Sometimes people say one thing and do another Chwis. I suppose love is easy when everyone agrees with you.

W/ Yes, we have a long way to go. One God and so many paths being presented and so many arguing that theirs is the only one.

C/ I am so glad I am a moose, boys. Not burdened by these things. Simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication. Nice one Vini.


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