The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a 243km stretch of road between Allansford, near Warrambool and Torquay. The road was built by returning soldiers after WW1 in 1919 and finally completed in 1932. It exists as the worlds largest war memorial dedicated to those who died in that war. It winds along the coast, through several towns and takes in a number of natural features including the 12 Apostles.


P/ Just to prove I was awake I would like to add how rugged some parts of the coast were and that we stopped regularly to view an assortment of limestone and sandstone pillars and arches. Also to view vertical cliffs being eroded by the sea and then long stretches of white sand.

W/ It certainly was spectacular and a testimony to the power of nature as the coastline is continually evolving as the sea and wind sculpt it.

C/ Well I felt we were cheated. We travel all that distance to see the 12 Apostles and when we got there I could only see 8! If I’d have paid I would have wanted my money back! 

P/ Actually Chwis, the title is a misnomer as there have only ever been 9, at least in modern whecords. The last one collapsed in 2005 due to sea ewosion. But they were something worth seeing Chwis. They are a marvel of nature. There are few places in the world to see such things.

W/ Well I’m glad you two had recovered from the excesses of Melbourne and were able to enjoy the trip. You know we could have driven it in one day but choosing to stop over in Apollo Bay seemed to have worked well for us.


P/ Yes, it had that wonderful beach that we walked on and sat listening to the sea. And so few people on the beach.

C/ I enjoyed that walk.

W/ The one that lead to the Great Ocean Brew House?

C/ Yes, an exercising walk leading to a healthy thirst which was amply satisfied.

P/ Over one hundwed cwaft beers thirteen of which are on tap. Even you would be satisfied! And, how many exercising walks did you take? Good job Wic we were only there for two days.

C/ I was embracing the culture and getting to know the locals. That’s what travelling is all about surely?

W/ Well, while Chris was acting as our ambassador you and I found a most unusual coffee house ‘Hello Coffee’.

P/ Yes, Wic. We would never have found it if we hadn’t have asked. It was weally out of the way.

W/ Right out in some industrial buildings. A good 15 minute walk.

P/ But worth it. Excellent coffee. Stwaight up Montrose Avenue and turn left at Apollo Bay Auto Care and you’re there. It’s a coffee shop in fwont of an award winning whoasters. The building is totally industwial and furnished with a mixture of old tables and chair. But despite the distance from the centre of town people just kept turning up.

W/ Also some of us also took the time to enjoy running on the beach.

C/ And some took a healthy walk!

W/ And then came surfing at Torquay with the famous Bells Beach.

P/ Plus Chris found another bwew house on the woute back from the surf beach.

C/ Polie of course sampled coffee under the guise of enjoying the surfers vibe.

W/ But that’s for next time boys.


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