Everybody Loves Surfing

By the time we hit Torquay we were ready to get into the water. Even if it was a little cold for Chris’ liking. A wetsuit would solve that so, off we went to hire wet suits and boards. We should have thought about this. Chris in a wet suit! I won’t say it wasn’t going to happen but there definitely are some bodies that are not wet suit friendly. With much pulling, pushing, panting and a few choice words Polie and I managed to get Chris in. While we sat regaining our balance he stood in front of the mirror, breathed in and declared: “What a fine specimen I am”! It is said truth is subjective and I guess this proves it. Please don’t ask how we got him out.

Polie trying to squeeze Chris into a wetsuit

If you come to Torquay you have to surf or at least try. This is the home town of the iconic brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver, the Australian Surf Museum and Bells Beach where, supposedly the last scene of the first Point Break (Keanu Reeve and Patrick Swayze) took place. They actually filmed it in Oregon.

Surfing was a hoot, even if we all spent more time falling in, recovering boards and making our way back out to the waves than we did standing up and riding. But, hey, we don’t live by the ocean so we don’t get the practice, so we are not going to beat ourselves up. We’re all enjoying the moment and having a huge amount of fun.

Torquay is another town with its own brew house and it just happened to lay directly between the surf shop where we dropped off the boards and our AirB&B. As Chris declared: “Fortune favours the brave” and as he, with his water aversion had braved the waves, good fortune was smiling on him. Even Polie needed a drink after so much salt water so into Blackmans Brewery we piled and what a collection of brews which, surprisingly, were all Chris’ favourites. We started with a paddle, a board with a sample of each beer on it and this was enough for two of us.

Torquay has beaches other than Bells, some just across the road from the main town allowing the day to start in true PoliePages road trip fashion drinking good coffee and chewing on hot croissants, whilst watching the sea and absorbing the good vibe from the happy drinkers who sat about chatting.

With a week in Torquay we also experienced some great food, enjoying Bomboras so much on our first visit that we returned on our last night in Torquay. Great food and really friendly staff. Sitting out on the deck, watching the sunset with a cold one and good company. Bliss.

But let’s not think about the last day in Torquay quite yet. Surfs up boys, and yes Chris, we’ll finish at Blackmans.

Beer and yoga poster

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