Wilsons Prom

C/ It was wet and windy and isolated…and there wasn’t a brew house!

P/ It was wugged, wild and beautiful…and you took enough beer for a brew house!

W/ It was interesting, different and full of enchantment…please pass a cold one boys.

And this shows how we each have our own unique perception of events.

C/ This was the most disturbing part of our road trip. Why did we do it? I offered to stay behind in Torquay but the others wouldn’t have it. There we were, in a house miles from the nearest town. Fortunately, with my gift for forward planning I went to the bottle shop before we left Torquay to ensure we had essential supplies. When we left Torquay, we drove all the way back to Melbourne, round the city and then on for over two hours to Wilsons Promitory. I spent my time, wisely, asleep in the back.

P/ For that we were glad Wic, weren’t we? No more complaining.

W/ Yes Polie, Chris had certainly got himself in a state when you told him how far we would be from the nearest brew house. But I think we’re agreed it was not an experience to be missed.

P/ I agwee. These were some of the nicest beaches we had seen. Secluded and no cwowds of people unlike the Gweat Ocean Woad. There was Squeaky Beach named because of the noise that the sand makes when it’s walked on. A beautiful beach surrounded by huge boulders.


C/ Then we went to Whiskey Bay, a complete disappointment!

W/ We suspected you were hoping it would live up to its name. Your increased level of interest was noted.

C/ Just more sand and a long walk down to the beach. I was completely missold.

Whisky Bay

P/ But Chwis, it was stunning, like so much of The Pwomitowy, unspoilt and looking the same as it had for hundreds of year. No development.

C/ No civilisation more like!

W/ And Polie, such a natural home for so many animals. Remember the wombat we passed. Beside the road, eating away and completely undisturbed by us. Then the kangaroos at dusk and so many exotic birds.

P/ So at dusk we weturned to our accommodation just twenty minutes out of the Pwomitowy for a warm meal….

C/ And a brew or two. The trip was beginning to improve.

W/ Having watched the sunset over the sea that night we woke to rain.

C/ Rain? It was coming across horizontal in the wind. I counselled staying in bed but did you listen?

P/ We only had two days so we needed to get back in the park and hope for the weather to change.

W/ Yes,The Prom is noted for its quickly changing weather so we hoped for some sun. We’d talked about trekking up Mount Oberon but the rain put us off. So we parked and set off up Tidal River trekking through the bushland.

C/ We seemed to have forgotten the rain. By the time I reached the river I was soaked. Not that it would bother you, bear.

Wet Walk

P/ Chwis, you’re such a whimp. The scenewy was gweat and the wiver was wunning wild in the wind. Then we found coffee back at the tourist centre where we had parked. Not the best coffee, but acceptable all the same.    

W/ Coffee while we dried out followed by sunshine. Back towards the entrance of the park taking a sharp left just before we would have left the park and down the road to the car park. Every road trip needs room for a detour so here we were at the “Big Drift”, sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Not at all what we expected and seeming out of place here on the coast.

P/ Combine this with the vewy few people we saw as we walked and it is like a wilderness. A weally gweat place for sitting and thinking or just being silent.

C/ And talking about silence, when we had finished there it was back to the transport for a little silence on the back seat as I slept my way to Phillips Island and the next adventure. Perfect.


3 thoughts on “Wilsons Prom

  1. Looks wonderful, beautiful isolated beaches. Hope you are all having a wonderful time. (and so right about the unique perception of any experience.)


    1. Dear Lindsey,

      It was not wonderful but you are correct, it was very isolated! Not a brew house in sight. I diffintiely have the right perception about this. Everyone else has a unique perception.


      Dear Lindsey,

      Please ignore Chwis. He does tend to see things fwom a vewy unique place. I was so encouwaged that you are following us and our adventures. Life is so exciting and so many place to see. Are you a twaveller?

      Also, Wic has a new blog that you may like to visit, Letters to Pogue.



  2. Isolated beaches are my favourite kind 🙂


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