A Little Gem

After three nights in Valemont, some more waterfalls, lakes and the hope of actually seeing a moose in the wild we set out back for Vancouver. We were to have another four nights in the city before making our way back home.

C/ Polie aced it again and our Airbnb was only 100m from The Mighty Oak coffee shop and if his enthusiasm to get going in the morning was an indication…it was good coffee.

P/ You didn’t do so bad Chwis. A five minute walk to the Bier Cwaft Bistro where we spent two evenings.

C/ So many beers Polie. It would have been such a shame not to have tried as many as possible.

P/ It will never be said that you don’t embwace the whole expewience Chwis.

W/ And when we weren’t eating and drinking we discovered the Queen Elizabeth Park, a fifteen minute walk from our accommodation up Cambie Street. It really was a gem. At the centre of the park are beautifully manicured gardens built on several levels. A place to just sit and enjoy the day.

P/ Or fall asleep on the bench as you did Chwis.

C/ It was a tiring walk for those with little legs and all uphill. I was just resting myself.

W/ The views across the city were some of the best.

C/ When we went into the city centre again to shop it was so much easier as it was all downhill.

P/ So we went back to Gastown and bought tee shirts to wemember the twip by.

And you asked that nice policeman if you could wide his bike.

C/ He wouldn’t let me despite my great experience. It was a very nice bike. He did say I could try his handcuffs if I wanted though.

W/ We caught the city tour bus to check out the bits of the city we had missed and ended up walking in Stanley Park along the sea wall. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

P/ Yes, we saw seals in the water and watched Vancouver pass us by on bikes, on skates, on skateboards and even on foot.

C/ One last visit to Granville island and a bit more shopping. Then it was time to go home.

P/ Yes, and we are alweady thinking about our next twip.

2 thoughts on “A Little Gem

  1. Wow what a fantastic journey!


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