And so this is Chris’ Christmas

So this is Christmas

And what have you done?

John Lennon – So this is Christmas

Well, Chris has reached that time of year that causes him both excitement and anguish. Polie would tell you that it’s the same every year. Some creatures never learn!

He plunges head long through the months filled with wild abandon, grasping every possible experience, breaking random rules, spreading collateral chaos and fracturing a law or two! How many times have I heard Polie caution: “Speed limit Chwis”, only to be met by a wry smile. And on his motorbike, wind rushing through his whiskers, antlers pushed back, cranking it over as he rockets through bends. A wild eyed grin. Teeth covered in bugs, eyes bulging and people diving for cover.

At home, sleeping in till late every day, the house shaking to his snoring—just look at the size of that muzzle. Debris in the kitchen. His electric guitar, his music. Late nights at a bar and returning home noisily.

On our travels he is always remembered. Big personality or lovable rogue? Neither Polie or I are sure.

Then come the end of November. Amazingly, despite the fact it occurs at the same time every year it always seems to take him by surprise. A bit like an annual epitome. Everything changes. The brakes go on and another moose appears. Jekyll and Hyde revisited Polie says.

The kitchen is spotless. The bikes are cleaned and in the garage. Speed limits are suddenly observed. Only the acoustic guitar is heard and the occasional visit to a bar for only one or two beers. Then back by 9.30pm!


Well he won’t admit it but he is hoping Santa will again visit and fill that over large nose bag he will be hanging over the fireplace on the 24th December.

“Dweam on Chwis”.

A little harsh, Polie, but yes, it’s the whole year that counts. Santa runs a sort of average on behaviour. Polie, I think you need to have a word with him. And do mention that Christmas isn’t about how much we get!

What are Polie and I to do. Our hearts are too big to see a miserable moose on Christmas Day?

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