All My Favourites

W/ We all decided that we would take a train ride to help us get into the Christmas spirit. Boarding in London we took the Eurostar to Brussels and then made a short hop to Antwerp, a city we knew little about.

P/ We had taken an AirBnB in the heart of the old city, so, from the station, we took a taxi. As we neared our accommodation more and more Christmas lights hung in the trees. It was all vewy special.

C/ And I was noticing more and more interesting bars, many with signs declaring that they sold a large number of beers. 100 was not unusual. Such a large number? Really? I determined that the truth of this statement needed checking out.

P/ Yes, the excitement and sparkle in Chwis’ eye did begin to concern us didn’t it Wic?

W/ Yes, Polie, but we were here now. Our accommodation was a loft apartment above the bar Delux which faced out onto an old square. Loads of character.

P/ The apartment was weally quirky with an old spiral staircase.

C/ But we didn’t let this distract us! Powered by hunger (and a curiosity that needed satisfying concerning the local brews) I led us to the nearby Hard Rock cafe to sample the fare. I was also able to add to my Hard Rock glass collection.

P/ Then you led us through another square with an ice skating wink, which I quite fancied, but you didn’t stop. You skirted awhound the cathedral not noticing the the Christmas display and the mist being blown around the square.

W/ Yes, you were a moose on a mission. Up one street, down another. Then a bar declaring 100 beers and in you plunged.

C/ There was no time to waste! So many beers all destined to be my favourite and so little time. Only 3 days!

P/ The buying of a beer was like a consultation for us as we explained, to the barman, what flavours we liked.

W/ Well, for you and I, Polie. Not for Chris who knew he would like them all.

P/ Yes, Wic, he was so enthusiastic. Each beer had its own glass, all different shapes.

W/ It’s a blessing we can make conversation and have things in common Polie. I think we began to feel that we were an addition to Chris’ World Beer Tour!

P/ Well, we eventually dwagged Chwis out just before midnight. What a fuss he made.

W/ Yes, cries of; “But I haven’t tried my favourite yet” and; “I’m not tired” which was clearly untrue.

P/ As usual, we barely got him back and he was asleep…snorwing…loudly.

W/ A blessing he was sleeping upstairs.

C/ I am so misunderstood!

1 thought on “All My Favourites

  1. These pictures are beautiful! Definitely a Christmas-sy atmosphere.
    Not a huge beer fan myself, sorry, Chris! But I have to admit, I’d at least sip on a few – 100 to taste? Not trying would be a waste!


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