An Unexpected Early Start

P/ Having had a full day, joined Chwis in an evening of favouwite sampling, and eaten a delicious meal of tapas we eventually found our beds just after midnight.

W/ Yes, we were all soon asleep, none quicker than Chris who once again filled the apartment with the sounds of his slumber.

C/ There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good nights sleep. Sign of a clear conscience.

P/ Or a desensitised conscience, Chwis.

C/ Polie, you are such a disbeliever. Such a curse on you.

W/ Anyway, guys, we were all deep in our dreams.

P/ Then you got up for the toilet at about 3.00am, Wic.

W/ Yes, and the lights were not working. In fact, when I reached the toilet I could smell that smell of electrical burning. I took my torch and started to search the apartment. Then you woke and joined me, Polie.

P/ I had woken as I heard you moving awound and also smelt burning. The lift into the apartment was no longer working so we went to the staircase. When I opened the door we saw the smoke.

W/ By this time even Chris was concerned…

P/ No he wasn’t, Wic, he slept on, oblivious.

W/ Yes, I was being a little sarcastic, Polie.

C/ I knew I had nothing to worry about with you two fine fellows in the apartment. My trust was made manifest in my disposition.

Polie looks at Wic and rolls his eyes.

P/ Whatever, Chwis.

W/ Anyway, the smoke continued to rise and then came the most difficult moment.

P/ Yes, we had to wake Chwis. But we couldn’t.

W/ Blue lights were now flashing outside and realising we had to act we…

P/ Whapped him up in his duvet and dragged him down the spiwal staircase.

C/ And you were none to careful! I ached for days!

W/ But we got you out none to soon as firemen began to enter the building.

P/ The kind policemen who had also awived took us over the road to the Jazz Bar where the staff were clearing up after closing.

C/ Yes, they recognised me as a good customer from the previous evening and offer us a drink.

P/ And we took water because we need to wecover from the fumes and smoke.

C/ An opportunity missed. I couldn’t believe it.

W/ And that’s where we spent the rest of the night. The firemen put out a fire in the basement started by an electrical fault. Fortunately the fire door had worked as this was an old building with a lot of wood.

P/ Yes, someone was looking after us.

C/ I give thanks that God gave Wic a weak bladder.

W/ Thank you, Chris. And we give thanks that the firemen caught you before you caused to much mayhem when you decided to climb into one of the fire engines.

P/ Yes, they weren’t best pleased when the siwens suddenly came on a 5.00am.

C/ I was only being curious and I thought, after they took the axe away from me and wouldn’t let me join in smashing down doors that they would be OK if I sat in the engine.

P/ Fortunately our AirBnB host moved us to a nice hotel nearby in the early morning and we could take you away from the excitement.

W/ Yes, after a shower and a change of clothes we were ready for another days exploring. Strange how we took everything in our stride.

C/ My leadership no doubt.

P/ Wic, we should have left him and gone and explored.

W/ Polie, we were on our way to the oldest brewery in Antwerp. If we hadn’t taken the moose we would never have heard the end of it.

1 thought on “An Unexpected Early Start

  1. So funny to see the words ‘Brandweer’so many times in the pictures – that’s also the Afrikaans translation for our fire department! But then again, Afrikaans and Dutch are very similar 😉
    Wic seems to have a bladder similar to mine, although on nights when I manage to sleep through, I suppose I can identify a lot with Chris 🙂
    Glad all were fine after this fiery experience.


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