Chris Woke up in Heaven

C/ After being woke at an uncommonly early hour I felt I needed some comfort to improve my day. So when Wic and Polie asked what we should do there was only one option, the De Koninick Brewery.

P/ As it was the oldest brewery in the city we agreed to go with you so we could learn something.

W/ A quick taxi trip brought us to the brewery which had now turned itself into a tourist experience by making space for other artisans, a bakery, a butcher, a cycle shop, a cheese supplier. It had a really good feeling.

P/ We bought our tickets…

C/ And were given a glass of beer to sample. Oh, this was already our best tour in Antwerp and we weren’t through the doors.

W/ Once in everything was digital and a lot of interactive demonstrations.

P/ There was also a histowy of Antwerp and its welationship with the brewewy. Weally intewesting. Even Chwis was engaged by the production process though they kept him well away from the activity.

C/ I only wanted to get a whiff of the good odours. Not to much to ask I thought.

W/ We all feared you falling in.

C/ Not such a bad thing. But to make up for being kept a distance from the process we were rewarded by exiting through the main bar with a beer voucher in hand.

P/ Sounds like a moose’s idea of heaven to me.

W/ So once again we found ourselves seated at a bar each with a difference glass in front of us. But I have to admit, De Koninick brew a good drop.

P/ Yes Wic, even I agwee on that.

C/ But we never got to taste them all! You made me leave! So many favourites left behind.

P/ So we went to the Cathedwal in the centre of the old town. A wonderful building.

W/ Yes Chris, we thought you needed another heavenly experience. And though you moaned you actually liked things when we got inside.

P/ Wemember all the churches and cathedwals we had been to in Italy. Well this one was diffewent. Not so ornate or cluttered.

W/ Yes, a sense of space.

C/ Yes, it wasn’t too bad, I suppose.

P/ And there were original Wubens hanging.

W/ Come on Chris, admit it was rather magnificent.

P/ Obviously not competing with the weligious experience of being let loose in a brewewy.

W/ But we made up for this didn’t we? After a delicious Italian meal we took you to a bar with a real difference.

P/ The weligious one? With all the Apostles and Saints. The one where we sat at a table and ordered from the overlong list with an IPad. Mistake Wic. Big mistake.

C/ What do you mean. I fitted in so well. All those Saints and me, Chris, St Christoper, the patron saint of….

P/ Dwinkers?

W/ Yes, having established yourself as amongst good company, you used the iPad to order enough beer for several rounds in one go. 12 different glasses arrived!

P/ The waiter was looking for the west of our party.

C/ 12 was the perfect number what with us being there amongst the Apostles. A Holy number.

W/ Once again Polie and I had to escort you from the bar before you sampled all your favourites.

P/ Yes, by the time we left you were handing out blessing all over the place.

C/ Once again, unappreciated.

W/ But you slept like and angel…saint!

3 thoughts on “Chris Woke up in Heaven

  1. Laughed so much at this. I guess I’d have to learn to drink more beer if I ever wanted to hang out with you guys! 😛
    The cathedral pictures are beautiful. There’s something rather majestic about all those old architectural buildings.
    Thank you taking me on all these new adventures! 🙂 (she says as she adds beer to her shopping list 😛 )


    1. Coffee will do for me. It is if you want to hang with Chwis that you will need to up your game in that awea. Wic and I are on our best behaviour when we are out with Chwis. We are never sure what will happen, but he bwings colour to our lives – Polie


      1. Thanks for your reply, Polie. 😉 I can definitely partake in the coffee part… not quite to the point of drowning, but I am sure I could do us all proud.
        It would be unfair to leave Chris out though… so I do think I should try and be supportive of him, not so? 😉 However, two will do. 😛
        Coffee… many more 😉
        One day I hope to join you on an adventure in person- it definitely sounds fun and interesting!
        For now, I shall drink my coffee… maybe a beer later on… and read to my hearts content, time willing 😉


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