Beaches and Forests

C/ Having made my mark in Nelson we left the following morning, headed north to Moteuka, to the Waters, our next stop. We were 30 minutes out of Nelson when I had to pull over and allow Wic and Polie get coffee. They were getting very twitchy as this was to be the first cup of the day. While I waited I ate a large plate of crushed avocado, bacon and sourdough to relieve the boredom. Then we were off again.

W/ An hour saw us arrive and what a nice place it was. We couldn’t check in as we were too early so we left our baggage and headed further into the Abel Tamsin National Park, a beautiful area, largely untouched and with limited road access. There are accommodation sites on the coast that can be accessed from the water and a trail that allows access to campsites and lodges. This, if followed the whole way, can take 5 days.

P/ Not one we had chosen to do, Wic. As we appwoached the headland the woad was to turn to a track for more than 5 Kms before arwiving at the car park fwom where we had to walk to get to Wharariki Beach. A weally secluded beauty.

C/ Yes, no one told me there was to be more walking and it was nearly 1 Km to the beach.

W/ But wasn’t it worth it? A huge expanse of golden sands. And some magnificent rock stacks just off the coast. And surfers in the waves. So we sat on a driftwood log on the beach and just soaked in the sights and sounds.

P/ It was actually an hour and a half back to the accommodation. It was Sunday and the day was passing so we made our way off the beach and back to the car. Chwis was concerned that he would not get dinner as we’d made no arwangements.

C/ But I trust in the Universe Polie. I knew I would not be let down. When we got to the Waters, Issac the manager met us and told us if we wanted, Andreas, his co-manager, who was an Italian chef, would prepare something for us. Before we knew it we had an excellent dinner of fresh pasta in front of us. Combined with the local Sauvignon Blanc I had chosen we were made up.

P/ And Andrea kindly found some gelato for pudding.

W/ Perfect end to the day and we had booked a boat trip for the following morning from Kaiteriteri. We would spend 90 minutes cruising up the coast to be dropped off at Medlands Beach. From there we’d walk back through the lush jungle for 12 kms to Anchorage Beach where the boat would collect us some 4 hours later.

C/ No one told me the boat was going to drop us off. I was told we were going for a boat ride! And we had to pass Sandfly beach on foot. If that wasn’t enough to make us want to stay on the boat what was!

P/ But Chwis, it was lovely. Wemember the suspension bwidge?

C/ How could I forget when you made it swing as I crossed. Not funny.

P/ And all those wonderful beaches hidden in the forwest. There were also those hidden collections of holiday accommodation. So secluded.

C/ And not a bar in sight. No thank you.

W/ Remember you had the opportunity to bond with your inner Maori. In Peru you’d found your inner Inca and here you found that Maori statue. Another wonderful experience for you.

C/ Am I being mocked?

P/ Not at all. It was vewy important. Finally as we appwoached Anchowage Beach we had time to take a detour up to Cleopatwa’s Pool, a pool formed by the water wunning down off the higher gwound and cwystal clear.

C/ And cold!

W/ Come on Chris. It was a gem there in the middle of the forest. But time was pushing on so we made our way back down to meet the boat on the beach.

P/ Yes, it had been a lovely day in twuly beautiful countwyside with wonderful scenewy.

W/ And the day was capped off with a plate of Andreas’ mushroom risotto.

P/ And gelato.

C/ And Pinot Noir from a local vineyard. My choice again, obviously. I supposed the activity of the day helped us appreciate the wine.

1 thought on “Beaches and Forests

  1. Those pictures are exquisite! My favourite one being the last!
    I’ve always wanted to walk on a suspension bridge… not so sure about how I would handle being on it when it moved though 😛


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