Mischief in Nelson

P/ I was weally glad we were leaving the next day, Wic. Even by Chwis normal standards of behaviour on tour he managed to exceed himself this time.

W/ Yes, he is a one. I could only walk away pretending I didn’t know him. But let’s start the day at the beginning.

P/ We’d wisen and decided to walk into the centre to explore. Wecommended to take coffee in Sublime, a coffee bar in a woastery, we got to choose from seven or eight coffees bwewed three or four diffewent way. But as we were told they didn’t “do any of that milk stuff”.

W/ Straight coffee with a little cold milk on the side. But what good coffee! We had a flask brewed especially to our liking. Even Chris admitted to enjoying it together with fruit and home made granola.

C/ Hi guys. Writing the blog? The day we did a little shopping, visited the museum and the cathedral, then walked around the harbour. That was a good day.

P/ Hmmm.

W/ Yes, lets start with the museum. Not big but they have a moon exhibition on at present which was good. Plenty of information. Then there is the Nelson floor which was a little underwhelming although it did paint a picture of the development of the town.

C/ And right outside was a town square area with grass and surrounded by eateries. There was also a piano outside the museum for anyone to give a song. I do like a good sing-a-long

P/ So evewy one discovered. I don’t think they’ll forget that lunch in a hurwy.

C/ I even offered to sign autographs.

W/ After the museum and the sing-a-long we made our way to the market that takes place every Saturday. It’s quite large and is a collection of local crafts people. Worth a wander.

P/ That done we decided to wander through the town and up the the catherdewal that over looks the centre. Compared with Euwopean cathedewals it was very simplistic but this gave it a very pleasing feeling.

W/ Inside, despite the stained glass windows, it was simplistic and absolutely epitomised the saying: “Less is more”. And it was a nice space to sit and meditate which we did.

P/ Except when we got up to leave we couldn’t find Chwis. We thought, he’d pwobably tied of the meditation and taken himself outside. So we went looking.

W/ Look as we did and enjoying the view over the city, we could not find him. Eventually we seated ourselves on the steps leading up to the cathedral to wait.

P/ We were sure he’d appear and then we heard him.

W/ Looking around we could hear him calling but could not see him.

P/ Then we welised the calling was coming fwom the tower and looking up saw a twaffic cone six meters above the tower on the flag pole.

W/ And…below this, leaning over the edge of the tower waving was Chwis.

P/ Other people were looking. I don’t think we knew what to do. In the end we got up and walked slowly away pretending we didn’t know him.

W/ We returned to the square with the piano and sat outside a restaurant with a cold drink and waited.

P/ Then he appeared looking vewy pleased with himself.

C/ Come on guys, it was a little bit of fun. No one will mind.

W/ Chris, we weren’t so convinced. There in view of most of Nelson was a large traffic cone on the top of their most religious building.

C/ In your other blog Wic, the one I’m not allowed in, you said God has a sense of humour!

P/ I don’t think it was God we were worried about.

C/ Anyway, all’s well that ends well. You two decided we should best leave the town centre and so we wandered along the coast road, passed the docks until we came to the bay with The Styx, with that fine view over the water.

W/ Yes, as with many of your escapades there was a silver lining and we stopped for a beer sitting on the deck.

P/ Which turned into two and a fine meal of fish.

C/ So I was right? God does have a sense of humour? He obviously laughed and rewarded us with beer.

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