P/ Fwom Fwanz Josef we took a long days dwive down the coast to Wanaka. The journey was bwoken by numewous stops to take in the scenewy.

C/ Yes we saw the Thunder Creek falls which fall 28 metres and allowed the bear to take even more pictures! Then, later, we stopped to see the Blue Pools. Unfortunately the car park was a good 10 minutes walk from the pools. The New Zealander’s really don’t understand the art of tourist attractions.

W/ Chris, by that point in the day you really needed to stretch your legs and get some fresh air and the walk down to the pools was through more forests.

C/ When your legs are as short as mine you really shouldn’t be stretching them and fresh air is greatly over rated. Plus, as you said it was a walk down through the forest to the pools which meant the return would be…

P/ But, Chwis, the pools were well worth seeing. You have never seen pools that blue I’m sure. And, what a good time for a swim after hours in the car. I joined the young people to enjoy the water.

W/ Yes you certainly seemed to enjoy yourself.

C/ Cold water! Not for me. Then we had to wait for the bear to dry. This was turning into the Polie roadshow.

W/ Chris, you can be such a grouch. So we were back on the road for the final leg into Wanaka and what scenery as we skirted around the edge of Lake Wanaka which is 45 kms long.

C/ Of course we had to stop and take pictures. I was so glad to arrive at our accommodation. I must say it was very nice. I approved. Also, it was only a 5 minute walk into the town and as it was 5.00pm I led us off for some food and of course, a drink.

P/ One thing you do well, Chwis, is find food.

W/ And drink.

C/ One of my many superpowers, Polie. So I took us all to the Kika which did an interesting take on sharing plates. We ordered the shoulder of slow roast lamb which was enough for all three of us and a selection of vegetables, one each but, again, providing a good serving for each of us. Then they had all my favourite beers. The long drive was slowly receding into my memory.

W/ A good choice, Chris.

P/ The following day we awose to find that we were actually going to have a wet day. We’d done so well up to this point. So it was a late start.

C/ 11.30am? Seemed positively early to me. You two dragged me out for brunch at the Big Fig.

P/ And coffee. Lots of.

W/ Then a wander around the town which is very nice; not too big and very lively. We all shopped a little and came home with some merino layers.

P/ We also bwaved a break in the rain to walk awound the lake and see the ‘Twee in the Lake’ a form of willow that is actually gwowing in the lake. It’s quite a site.

C/ As the rain returned I found us shelter.

P/ Yes, in the Lake Bar!

C/ Any port in a storm, Polie. It was warm and full of friendly people. What more could you ask for?

W/ So, the day passed with happy conversation and a few new friends as we enjoyed New Zealand’s hospitable atmosphere.

P/ The next morning was started with sunshine. To make the most of the day we headed back into town and hired cycles with a view to widing around the lake and cutting off to Albert Town along the banks of the Clutha Wiver. Wanaka is a centre for off road biking.

W/ It was a 3 hour round trip with a stop at a cafe patisserie in Albert Town. Cake for Chris. The water of the river was incredibly clear but flowing with some speed.

C/ Which kept the bear out.

P/ The countryside and scenery is exceedingly beautiful with woods, the river and lake and then mountains. We would be quite sad to leave.

C/ Plus the vibe in the town is great and the people are friendly.

W/ Is that why we found ourselves back at the Lake Bar when we returned?

C/ I needed refreshment. You forget with short legs like mine a 3 hour countryside cycle is very tiring. I am not understood.

P/ I think we understand you vewy well, Chwis.

W/ But it was nice to sit out in the sunshine and watch the people on the lake.

P/ Yes, wight up until we spotted the traffic cone sitting on the water about 50 metres out.

W/ Yes, after the cathedral in Nelson and the traffic cone on top of the flag pole Polie and I both thought the same thing immediately. Chwis!

P/ But he had vanished….

1 thought on “Wanaka

  1. The pictures of the waterfall and the amazing pools were exactly what I needed to see this morning!
    Such beautiful sights! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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