Day 1: They’re Having a Laugh

So our New Zealand road trip was cut short by the Covid-19 event. We’ve more to tell you about the wonders of New Zealand, our adventures, Chris’ antics, so we’ll return to our tale. But for now we are in lock down and we want you to know how we are getting on because, well we hope you’re as concerned for us as we are for you.

And Chris in lock down, NO!

Boom! Crash.

W/ Polie, whatever’s going on?

P/ Wic, it’s Chwis. Since you told him he had to take the viwus sewiously he’s been twying.

W/ But why the noise? It sounds like he’s trying to breakout.

P/ No, Wic. No, he is pwacticing coughing into his elbow, just in case. Except he’s not achieving it.

W/ What’s the issue Polie?

P/ Think, Wic. If you had a snout that long would you be able to cough into your elbow?

W/ I see. Good point. And I take it he’s getting upset and frustrated judging by the noise.

P/ And you know how sensitive he can be. After all, he believes he’s human thwough and thwough.

W/ Here he comes, Polie. I’ll be careful what I say.

P/ Chwis, how are you doing?

C/ They’re having a laugh at our expense, Polie. I’m not happy, I’m not happy.

P/ Who, Chwis?

C/ The Government Polie. This coughing into my elbow, apart from being gross, is not possible!

W/ Maybe they’re trying to take our minds off the crisis, Chwis?

C/ Well, it’s stupid. Who can cough into their elbow anyway.

W/ Well, I think that I…

P/ What Wic was about to say, Chwis, is that…well there are those who are not so well versed in hygiene and some of them may be able to cough into their elbows.

C/ You mean children, Polie?

W/ I think that’s just what he meant, Chris. Not everyone is as well…

P/ Educated as you, Chwis. The more sophisticated are weawing masks anyway.

C/ A mask. That sounds like something I should have. Thank you, Polie. You’re so right. Why would someone as evolved as me cough into his elbow. I’m going to find a suitable mask. Bye.

W/ Polie, you realise that a bed sheet is just about to disappear?

P/ Oh dear.

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