Day 7

W/ Chris, what’s all that scraping noise?

C/ Ahhh, Wic, it’s Polie.

W/ What?

C/ Well, he’s not having a good day. Well, maybe he’s having a very good day. I’m really not sure. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective.

W/ Chris, you’re talking in riddles. Explain.

C/ Well, Wic, the authorities have now locked down the lake so Polie couldn’t go out for his early morning swim. I’d be counting my blessings if I was him, but, well you know the bear.

W/ And…go on…

C/ So at swim time, which is some ungodly hour, he sat out in the courtyard and had a coffee to compensate.

W/ I can’t see the issue?

C/ It was 6.00am and he had a triple shot flat white.

W/ His drink of choice. So?

C/ Well, he started two hours early. With no swim and his routine ruined, well, I heard the coffee grinder going again at 7.30am. He woke me!

Then again at 9.00am. By that time I was wide awake and went in the study. He had a pile of books, looked rather jittery and was power reading.

W/ Power reading?

C/ Yes, he was already into his third novel for the day.

W/ Oh dear.

C/ The coffee machine was off again at 10.00am at which point, as a good friend, I locked him in the study. He’s now climbing the bookcase and bouncing off the ceiling.

W/ I’ll go and lock the caffeine away.

C/ Wic, watch out in case he’s on the bookcase again and he falls on you. The caffeine has transformed him into a regular space cadet!

1 thought on “Day 7

  1. I love reading Lee Child 😉
    Our beaches closed three weeks ago… but I don’t ever go there for a morning swim 😛
    Changes in routine are weird, to say the least.


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