Day 35

P/ Wic, it’s a weally nice day for a walk by the wiver.

W/ Yes, Polie, the sun just keeps on shinning. The weather has been really kind during lockdown. Even Chris seems happy. Listening to him whistling as he walks.

P/ Yes. Do you wemember how hard it was to get him to do social distancing when we started to walk at the beginning of lockdown?

W/ Do I, Polie! He just didn’t see why he should walk to the side of the path. Why he needed to give people 2 metres of space. We kept on at him.

P/ He wasn’t the only one at the time, Wic.

W/ Yes, I know, which didn’t help.

P/ Then he decided he could own the path if he coughed and sneezes a lot when others appwoached .

But then, like here, another path would appear, 2 metres from the owidginal path as the 2 metres caught on.

W/ Yes, I’ve noticed the countryside’s now covered in additional footpaths, all 2 metres from the main path.

P/ Covid paths.

W/ And. Like here, where we have walked regularly, some have a third path, because…

P/ When Chris buys into something he buys all in. Now evewywhere we go he wants his own footpath!

C/ I CAN HEAR YOU GUYS. What you don’t seem to realise is that it’s all a metaphor for life. Some brave souls are born to walk on the edge. Born to walk the path less trod, born to lead. That’s me, but you already know that. I’ll be signing autographs, at a socially acceptable distance, later.

P/ What are we going to do with him, Wic?

W/ I wonder that myself, Polie.

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