Easing out of Lockdown and Father’s Day

W/ Thanks for the coffee, Polie. Really nice.

P/ That’s alwight, Wic. Nothing make the day more manageable than a cup of fweshly gwound coffee.

W/ Polie, why’s Chris up so early? It’s only 10.00am.

P/ I don’t know, Wic, but he’s vewy pleased with himself.

W/ Here he comes. Let’s ask him.

C/ Morning guys and may I say, what a lovely day.

W/ You seem very happy today, Chris?

C/ Yes. It’s Father’s Day.

P/ Father’s Day, Chwis?

C/ Yes, Polie. I am happy because it allows you and Wic to express your gratitude to me.

W/ Gratitude?

C/ Yes, for being such a guiding light in your lives for the past year. A virtual father figure. I knew you’d both want to give me a gift.

P/ A gift!

C/ Yes, it’s tradition. It’s also tradition for some to forget, but fortunately as lockdown is easing the supermarkets are open and fully stocked. All my favourite beers are back. I’ll be watching TV when you both get back.

W/ I’m not sure I believe what just happened, Polie. Are you?

P/ Wic, I’m woweed that I have a virtual father figure. I need more coffee, now!

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