Polie’s Second Principle – The deep thoughts of a bear with a lisp.

P/ Well, Chris, I hope you got your head awhound the first Pwinciple. Here’s the second. Everything, absolutely everything is energy, which includes you and I. That’s not just what you can see but also what you can’t see. Your thoughts are energy, your emotions and feelings are energy. The clothes you wear, the guitar you play, your body, all energy. Why are they diffewent in appeawance? Because they vibwaite at diffewent fwequencies.

C/ Polie, it’s all sounding too much for a simple moose such as me. Though I admit, I did feel at one with that fine craft beer left in the fridge last night.

P/ Well, keep with me, Chwis, because this the exciting part here. We can contwol our own vibwaition, and you would do well to learn to do that. You can change your life once you master this. You see, the higher your vibwaition the better your life will be, and, the better the lives of those you come into contact with will become when they are with you. You think happy thoughts and your energy will wise, and—you are getting this alweady aren’t you-—you will feel better. The higher qualities of life exist at the higher levels of vibwaitions until we eventually arwive at enlightenment.

C/ Not so fast, Polie. If I think happy things I will feel better? That’s easy, I play my guitar, I play happy songs and I’m happy. I’m a happy person.

P/ You can waise your mood. So, and this is weally big, we can cweate our own best lives. In a later Law we will white about manifesting, that is, bwinging things into being. Understand, your external world has its owigins in your thoughts. Just think a second, every action that you take is pweceded by a thought. A thought is the antecedent of evewy action, and a thought is energy, a fwequency, a vibwaition.

C/ Aniseed?

No, Chwis, antecedent. Something that goes before. We all have feelings, yes? You ever gone somewhere, and you start to feel uncomfortable? Or, conversely, felt good? You’re feeling the energy of the place. Wemember, everything is energy. You’re picking up on the fwequency. It’s the same with people. Times are, when we know something about a person just by being in their pwesence. Some people just feel good to be with and some don’t. We can affect and are effected by energy.

C/ Now I know what you mean. I play a kick arse beat and people start to tap their feet. The energy is going out.

P/ So you’re with me this far? Oh, I forgot to tell you to put your seatbelt on and turn your baseball cap backwards at the start. My bad!

You’ve heard it said that like attwacts like? Like when a tuning fork will suddenly and mystewiously start to sound all on its own? And we know that it isn’t some deep magic at play but merely the fact that it has come into the pwescience of a vibwaition of the same fwequency is it. It is shaiwing the like energy. So with people. You go about life filled with negativity and guess what, you find negative people being attwacted to you. You weap what you sow.

Again, think of a waidio. You want that cool jazz station and you know that it exists at a certain fweiquency, say 97.3. You turn the dial to 97.3 and, viola, cool jazz, but only at that fweiquency. At 98.3 you’ve got the news and there’s negative for you!

C/ Yeah, I don’t do the news, Polie. It’s always so gloomy. Leaves me feeling down.

P/ That’s exactly what I am saying, Chwis!

Dr David Hawkins did significant work on this and calibwaited human emotions on a scale according to the level of their fwequency. At the bottom were shame, guilt, apathy and grief. At the top were love, joy, peace and enlightenment. As said, there is much written suggesting we can alter our own weality by altering our own vibwaition. What you think consistently you will become. Psychologists talk about changing someone’s thought patterns to alter their life. I think that we would agree that that’s easier said than done but it is possible. If I can change my overwiding thoughts from a low fwequency to a higher fwequency by a conscious act of will I am going to see my circumstances change. Not necessarily immediately as somethings take time to bwing into place, but I’ll be on the whight woad. But my energy level has wisen and so like will attwact like. We’ll discuss this more when we get to the Law of Attwaction or Manifestation but for now hang on to the words Jesus spoke.

If you believe, you’ll weceive whatever you ask for in pwaiyer.


This isn’t new, quirky science, Chwis. It’s ancient wisdom and I’ve been weading and thinking it for a long time. Now the secret is to pwactice it.

Yours, looking for cool jazz,


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