Explorers in Oslo

P/ With a 7 hour train journey across the mountains and wound the fjords. It was spectacular. But you won’t wemember that will you Chwis?

C/ It was very comfortable and nicely warm. I’m sure I got it right Polie and the train was designed to enhance slumber.

P/ The world will pass you by Chwis while you snore!

C/ Hmmm, but I did enjoy Oslo. I even added another pint glass to my Hard Rock collection. And so many places to go and see and all indoors in the warm. We saw the Thor Heyerdahl museum and learnt a lot about his adventures. Such a kindred spirit.

Borders? I’ve never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.

Thor Heyerdahl

Do you know he feared water Polie?

P/ Yes, that’s you Chwis, such a free spirit. Nothing stands in your way, except the odd bar, or nap or cold morning! He did the Kon-Tiki voyage when he was told it could not be done.

Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.

Amelia Earhart

Polie Flipping the HoofNone of us should accept the limitations others want to put upon us Chwis. The world is filled by so many who will never weach their potential because they listen to others or fail once and give up. The majowity live mediocre lives sadly. As you would say Chwis:

“Scwew opinions and scwew failure and scwew mediocwity”.

C/ Well flipped Polie, onwards and upwards. We also went to the Viking museum and there was another wonderful example of free spirits. Did you see how far the Vikings traveled in all directions never knowing where they were going? There were 3 long ships in the museum. We must get us one of those for the lake.

P/ Not sure what you’re planning Chwis but they were amazing people and the spiwit of adventure lives on. We saw all about Amundsen’s journey to the South Pole in the Skiing museum at the site of the ski jump.

Ski Jump

That’s where you thweatened to do a ski jump until I pointed out that you weally were not cweated with the wight dynamics for launching off into thin air on skis.

C/ Yes Polie, God clearly created me for higher things and the journey will no doubt lead to our enlightenment.

P/ We never got to see the Northern Lights did we, so we’ll have to weturn and go further north. We weally need to see the lights because I’m told they are spectacular. Let’s get that one in Wic’s plan Chwis.


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