Potential? From the wisdom of Polie.

Whatever happened to the dreamers

They always look beyond the sky

Saw a world they could believe in

But only when they closed their eyes

Dreamers by Jack Savoretti

Polie is a wise young bear. He said something in the last blog that struck a chord. He said: “The world is filled by so many who will never weach (Polie speech) their potential because they listen to others or fail once and give up”. How true, and I find I must ask myself, regularly, have I reached my potential? Indeed, do I want to and am I prepared to make the effort that will no doubt be needed to do so?

What is your potential?

We are all originals, not one of us is a duplicate,  having the power to be something no one else can be and if we don’t become that person then the world has missed out and is that little bit poorer. How rich would the world be if each of us reached the fullness of the person we could be? Indeed, how different would the world be? John Lennon’s dream “Imagine” would be realised. In reaching to achieve the fullness of our potential we must reach and draw closer to God (or Source, or whatever term you use to define the supreme force) whether we intend to or not because here is the perfection of all realised potential.  As a by-product we will shed the negative, dismissing qualities that have been part of our nature.

Take a look at those around you. Is their life lived out in mediocrity? As for you, do you exceed mediocrity on a daily bases or have you succumb to the daily grind, the expectations of others, limiting beliefs and the negative conversations that seem to be so prevalent? Mediocrity is the order of the day, most of us allowing our lives to be determined by this tyranny. Indeed to take on the tyrant will set us at odds with many as your actions will inevitably challenge others to question their own lives.

On our trip to Norway we learned of Thor Heyerdahl and Roald Amundsen, people who did not except the norm and refused to roll with the exceptable belief of limitations. They had to bear the negative talk and ridicule that has its origin in mediocrity but they persisted.

Many grow surrounded by families and peers who speak limitations into our lives and the saddest things is that it is often done with supposed good intent and out of love. So many will believe these limitations and are then dead in the water. They have placed a ceiling on any possible achievements. The challenge is to realise that we are not restricted to being the people that others tell us we are destined to become.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it but that we aim too low and reach it.


If you’re reading this and suspect that there is more to your life than the things you now have or have achieved to date, then start thinking what you would like to do. Begin to dream dreams. Dare to dream big dreams. Treat these as precious and take care who you share these with. As Jesus commented in respect of his teachings, he took care not to share these with certain people because they would treat them like swine trampling on pearls set before them, unable and incapable of seeing the worth in them. Don’t share your dreams with negative people. Seek out those who will understand and offer positive, encouraging counsel.

There is a lesson to learn for all of us in walking away from negative people who limit both their own and others lives. As Chris advised in an earlier blog, there is a time and positive power in recognising those that hold us back and smiling, stepping away and mentally saying; “screw you” as you flip the hoof. Break the power of that limiting belief. “Screw you limiting belief”.

When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations not yours.

Fredrick Nietzsche

Dare to dream and dream big. Understand we have to work to achieve our dreams and if we do we will be misunderstood. Count the cost and go for it. Become the very best you that is possible and you’ll be amazed.



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