Polie, why do I need a dream board?

C/ What are you doing Polie?

P/ I’m making a dweam board.

C/ A what board?

P/ A dweam board Chwis. It’s a visual tool for helping make your ideal future weal. Wic talked about following your dweam in his last blog post and this is a good way to start.


Let me help you Chwis. I’ll try to show you how a dweam board can help you achieve some of those things you feel that you ought to have in your life. You don’t need one but it may well help you to focus and bwing those things into your life. Let’s take it there will be beer and start with the next thing.

The idea is, you decide what you would like to have in your life that will make it witcher. Maybe a holiday or that new motorbike you mentioned.

C/ The holiday Polie. Let’s do the holiday!

P/ So what does it look like? Is it laying on a beach or something more adventuwous?

C/ The beach Polie. We really need a rest. All this blogging is so exhausting.

P/ So a beach holiday it is. Now we start by collecting some pictures of the beach you think you would like to lay on. Let’s look in these magazines.


Ok, we’ll stick them on your board. There are the thwee pictures. Now what else do you want on holiday? Also think how the holiday will make you feel Chwis. Feelings are vewy important in the pwocess so we’ll white down what your feelings are going to be on holiday.

Thinking Beach

C/ I can dream a great holiday Polie. I will be feeling relaxed, with not a care in the world and happy.

P/ Sounds like just another day in the life of Chwis Moose. Now, when you have all your wishes for your holiday on your board you place the board where you can see it wegularly. You see Chwis, what you think about a lot you can bwing into being. We are all cweative beings and every cweative act begins with a thought. The more we have thoughts about our dweams the closer we can be to seeing them come into being.

C/ If I put something on my board can I have it Polie?

P/ If you can hold it in your thoughts Chwis and that is not as something that you want but as something that you alweady have, that’s on the way. It may be a while but you need to persist in your thoughts. It also helps to arwange things in categories to aid your focus. Things like fitness, spiwituality and travel.

C/ Sounds like hard work Polie. I’m going to need that holiday after all the thought holding and dreaming big dreams. In fact I think I’m off now to practices dreaming big dreams.

See you later.

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