Slipped One in

W/ Chris found out early that we’d managed to arrange an impromptu visit to Spain to visit our friends Lizbet and Bill. Chris, who gravitates to the annoying so very easily spent three days wandering around the house whistling an old Gentle Giant tune, Two Weeks in Spain. It’s now in my head:

Two weeks in Spain makes the year disappear, easy,

We’re back again, weathers fine

It was such a joy to get him on the plane in the sure knowledge that as soon as the stewardess had tucked him in, at his insistence, he’d sleep soundly throughout the whole trip.

P/ And we were all just managing a short week but it’s nice to see him excited. I was looking forward to a swim in the sea.

W/ Too cold for me Polie.

P/ And a little warm for me Wic, but still gweat fun. And so nice to spend time with Bill and Lizbet. I weally enjoy their company. There such nice people. Oh, here comes Chwis.

C/ Who’s nice company? Me? It must be me.

P/ Yes, Chwis, always a pleasure to be with you.

C/ Polie, you’re so kind.

W/ We’re writing about our trip to Spain and how much we enjoyed it.

C/ Oh, yes. It was lovely to get some winter sun, and the beer so cheap.

W/ Yes, the most attractive thing about Spain, Chris.

C/ No, but I am always thankful for small blessings.

P/ So what else did you enjoy?

C/ Well, I have to say I wasn’t a great fan of the long walks along the Playa to have coffee and breakfast. Those are things best had in bed. But I did enjoy the old town of Mojácar on the hill. All those nice little shops and the terrace where we took refreshments looking out over miles of countryside. I’m easily pleased.

W/ Might it be that “refreshments” involved cold larger?

C/ That’s so unfair.

P/ Carbonewas was a tweat. Mojácar’s great but it is populated mainly by the Bwitish so I never feel we get the weal feeling of Spain. But a 15 minute drive along the coast woad and we were in a lovely Spanish port. I always enjoy the atmosphere cweated by people sitting in cafes and bars along the beach just enjoying life.

W/ Yes, the Spanish seem to be far more social than we are and take life at a really nice pace.

C/ Then we all went on a drive to Cartagena where the Romans left those ruins. We went to the Roman Theatre and sat imagining we were Romans come to watch the spectacles.

P/ You fell asleep in the sunshine!

C/ Polie, I was closing my eyes to imagine what it was like. Me in a fine toga.

W/ And we went to the museum to learn more about the Romans. They were such a clever people. I sometimes think the world went backwards after their time.

P/ Yes, it was a good twip. There weally was so much to see.

C/ A wonderful day and then back to eat. Mojácar has so many restaurants to chose from.

W/ Indeed, and most don’t really look much from the outside.

P/ But when you get served so many provide a weally good meal.

W/ Yes, plus being by the sea you were made up Polie. Fish every night if you wanted. Of course, inexpensive beer, you two must have thought you were in heaven.

C/ It was a very spiritual experience, Wic. I’m glad you could appreciate it. Sometimes I think you miss the finer things. Anyway, when are we going to see Bill and Lizbet again.

Two weeks in Spain makes the year….

W & P/ Shut up!

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