Back on the Road

The excitement was tangible. We’re back off on a road trip and the boys so love road trips. New places. New friends. New flavours. No agenda, just the road and good company.

The airport was a blast according to Chris. He rode the baggage conveyor belt and was removed by a charming young lady while Polie and I pretended we didn’t know him. Customs clearly remembered him from the last time, and the time before that and the… So three large gentlemen were waiting and he was thoroughly searched, put through the x-ray machine and then searched again. Only three items were confiscated which is some kind of record.

Free beer and coffee in the Emirates lounge which meant I had a couple of hours peace and started a new book, The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alex Harrow, which is proving a very good read.

Once we had boarded the plane and the boys had been secured in their seats by two enthusiastic cabin staff two different things happened. Chris, having enjoyed the hospitality of Emirates Airlines promptly fell asleep and Polie, fired with caffeine, started on the catalogue of films which he would make a serious dent in on our 26 hour journey. Such is life.

We are on our way to Christchurch, New Zealand and our longest road trip yet in terms of time. No doubt there are adventures ahead. After all, we travel with Chris! If you’ve read any of our previous trips you will know what he is capable of.

I wonder if Christchurch border control have any knowledge of him?

1 thought on “Back on the Road

  1. Looking forward to reading more about the adventure! Have fun!


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