Day One

P/ Wic, I’m so looking forward to the trip. I’ve put on my sun block, got my hat and my bwand new sun glasses. Can I sit in the fwunt first as Chwis isn’t here yet?

W/ I suppose so. Where is he anyway? I know we say “no worries” but the road awaits.

P/ He slept in late. Appawently he has jet lag, which is weally strange as we’re 13 hours ahead of UK time.

W/ Maybe we’ll just carry him out and lay him on the back seat. They’ll be no complaining he didn’t get to sit in the front.

P/ Good idea. Let’s go and get him.

W/ Yes lets. Oh, and Polie, cool shades.

We headed north out of Christchurch for a 160 km drive to Kaikoura on the Pacific coast. The scenery was great, getting greater as we drove towards a range of mountains with snow on the peaks and it’s the end of summer here! Kaikoura sits between the mountains and the ocean. So cool, as you can surf in the summer and snowboard in the winter.

Also there is an abundance of marine life. Unfortunately, a recent earthquake has caused the reef close to the beach to lift above sea level and so a lot of natural life has been lost. But that said, from Kaikoura we could see dolphins, whales, seals in abundance and a variety of sea birds including albatrosses. A short boat ride out will all but guarantee an encounter.

Chris, you were awake by the time we arrived. What did you think?

C/ I really liked it. It was sort of laid back as you’d expect in a town associated with water activity especially surfing. I guess I naturally fitted in. And then there was that restaurant named after me. Such class.

W/ Fitted in? I guess you did, Chris, being so cool!

C/ Yes, unlike the bear who let himself down.

W/ Chris, it was not his fault. Polar bears are sort of wired that way. And we saved him.

C/ I thought it was the seals we saved? Chasing down the beach after them with a gleam in his eye. Like a smorgasbord for a polar bear!

W/ And you never made a mistake? He knows now and will behave. Let’s talk about your history.

C/ Let’s not.

We had really great accommodation. Just far enough out of the town to give us privacy and right on the beach. In fact we could lay in bed and look out at the ocean. And laying there as the dusk came down we saw our first whale. Perhaps 300 metres out and only for a few moments, but how cool for city boys!

P/ Yes, something we’ll wemember. Behind us the sun had gone down below the mountains and the night sky was spectacular.

C/ I’ll give you that, Polie, not like home. So, so many stars and so clear. I could have sat out for hours with a beer or two.

W/ But the time difference and the day’s journey had got the better of us all.

P/ Good nite then.

C/ Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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