Cloudy Bay

P/ We wose early in the morning as we were still running 13 hours ahead. Well 2 of us wose. I think Chwis was alweady onto the next nights sleep. He eventually appeared as bweakfast was served

C/ Win the morning, win the day is my motto, Polie.

P/ Stwange that, Chwis, as you see so little of the morning.

W/ Now guys, easy. Tell them how good breakfast was, Polie.

P/ Well, we were nearly on the beach as we sat out eating breakfast.

The sun was getting hot and the early morning sea mist had cleared. Then, whight in fwunt of us a dolphin popped out of the water in a jump. He fell back and before we knew it he had been joined by several others.

C/ I have never seen a dolphin in the wild and then lots. Then further along there were more.

W/ Yes, we watched for an hour over a very lazy breakfast. Very special.

C/ Then it was in to pack and load the car. More road trip, all the way to Nelson in the north of the island. The sat nav told us it was a 4 1/2 hour drive but we were only 20 minutes on the road when we pulled over.

W/ Yes, there’s a viewing point where the ocean touches the road and seals come to bask in the sun here. Most exciting was the fact that there were so many pups playing in the rock pools. Fortunately, you can’t get down to them, so they’re safe from humans.

C/ And Polie.

W/ Chris, we agreed not to mention that again. Polie opted to stay in the car.

P/ And Wic let me drive.

C/ So we meandered north. 41/2 hours was looking more like 6!

W/ We kept going on the same road until we hit Blenheim which lays in the heart of wine country. For some miles coming in there are acres and acres of vineyards. Some of the worlds best white wines come from this region.

P/ But Blenheim was not as we had imagined. Parking in the centre we soon wealised it is a very modern town. The majowity of the buildings are single story and there’s little above two stowies. We assume this is due to the fwequent earth twemors and occasional earthquakes that New Zealand expewiences.

W/ Yes, 2 nights earlier, Polie and I had woken to a rumbling sound and a slight sense of movement. Fortunately the sound slowly quietened. In the morning we checked and discover there had been a slight tremor in the night. Needless to say Chris was not disturbed.

C/ No point worrying about something you can do nothing about.

W/ I think Blenheim may have been a disappointment due to our wrong expectations. We thought it would be an old town. But things took a shine when we realised that we were very close to the Cloudy Bay Winery, Cloudy Bay wines being particular good and a favourite for us all when at home.

P/ So we went and viewed the winery. Chwis of course indulged in the fwee sampling obliging Wic to buy 3 bottles.

C/ One has to embrace the local culture, Polie. I travel the world seeking new experiences.

P/ Yes, as long as they come in a bottle, Chwis!

W/ Boys, it was a good experience and I’m sure we’ll enjoy our purchases.

So then we continued north. As we left the area the roads began to wind upwards with numerous bends. This was to last for several miles.

C/ Yes, I think we all were imagining we were on our bikes. The roads were really good and the bends just made us want to ride.

W/ Your right, Chris. Nothing like a good road with long bends to lean into. We did see a good number of bikers enjoying the day. Still another time.

P/ And so we arwived in Nelson nearly 7 hours after we had set out. And our hostess had left freshly baked bread. So a supper of bread, cheese and cold cuts.

W/ Washed down by a glass of Cloudy Bay.

C/ Or 2 or maybe 3. Is there any beer left?

1 thought on “Cloudy Bay

  1. Beautiful pics!
    One of the great things about where I live is that I get to see dolphins playing in the sea quite often!
    I’ve even had the amazing opportunity of having a whale come up ‘closer’ so that she can birth her calf!
    Wonderful experiences that I am truly grateful for, that’s for sure!


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