The One Armed Admiral

P/ Well our stay in Nelson didn’t start on a high for Chwis. He let us know, just as we awrived that he had been looking forward to meeting the admiral. Wic and I looked at each other, puzzled. Then Chwis, who insists he is a scholar of histowy, told us all he knew about Admiwal Lord Nelson. He was even hoping for a selfie with the gweat man.

W/ Yes, he was one disappointed moose when we told him it was the name of the town. He was even more disappointed when we told him we would be walking to the centre of New Zealand which is a monument just outside the city. But it all sounded to much for our friend.

P/ We were staying in an Airbnb and the host had wecommended Bobby Fwanks coffee house for bweakfast.

W/ Franks, Polie, Franks.

P/ Sowry, Wic.

W/ so we took him and he consoled himself with a bowl of their homemade Bircher Muesli, then a plate of crushed advocado on sourdough with bacon. Plus a large chocolate smoothie.

P/ We didn’t know where he was putting it. We managed on two cups of weally good coffee and just the muesli.

C/ I was eating to feed my disappointment and dread of the walk ahead. I have much experience of you two and your walks. Middle of New Zealand, sounds like centre of the earth to me!

So we left the car at Bobby Franks and walked to the Botanical Reserve Park, the site of the first ever rugby game in New Zealand. Then we picked up the track up the hill. A little steep and a good 30 to 45 minutes of walking but well worth it. Obviously this is the supposed centre of the country and offers excellent views over the city, along the coast line and inland.

P/ After much huffing and puffing Chwis arwived for a photo opportunity.

C/ There was no huffing and puffing! And why wouldn’t you want a photo of me in such a fine setting?

W/ We sat for a good 30 minutes just enjoying the views and then continued on along the trail towards the Founders Heritage Park. Here a township has been remodelled based on what Nelson may have look like 120 years ago with some of the original building restored. Amongst some of the jilting artisan have taken up their business.

P/ There’s an old wailway where you can have a wide and…

C/ A brewery where you can have a drink, which you’ll need if you’ve been on a walk with Wic and Polie. Lovely place.

W/ When all were refreshed and had seen what they wanted to see we left the Park, turned left and took a short walk to the Nelson Miyazu Japanese Gardens which to our surprise are free to enter. There was a lovely tranquility about the gardens. Ponds, Acers, bamboos, walkways. Again we just sat and enjoyed the space.

P/ Chwis enjoyed it so much he fell asleep!

C/ I was meditating Polie. It’s a Zen thing and very appropriate for a lovely Japanese garden.

W/ So the afternoon was pressing on and we returned to Bobby Franks where we had left the car and returned it to our accommodation before walking into the centre of Nelson to find some food.

P/ Yes, there was plenty of choice and we finally settled on Parts and Service on Hardy Street. We were particularly tempted by the fact a lot of the food was cooked in a josper oven. We were not disappointed.

C/ And they had local ales, always a good sign. We discovered The Unit by the Boneface Brewery. Almost as good as the food (I have to say that because Wic and Polie are here but, it was the best part of the meal…and the food was good). I bet the Admiral would have enjoyed it!

W/ As we sat and ate Polie and I couldn’t imagine how Chris would leave his mark on Nelson tomorrow.

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